5 Reasons to Love Microsoft Office 2013

You might have seen the new Microsoft Office 2013 version, which comes with a lot of smart features. It might come as no surprise to see the newer version of software programs over time, that’s how it’s always with most software programs. Almost every software program comes with a new and improved version with skin deep or major tweaks for better user interface and added features.

A lot of people found it difficult when they were not used to the ribbon interface of Office 2007. Microsoft came up with Office 2010 and later with Office 2013 with some tweaks and refinement to enhance the user interface. It’s suggested that you learn more about its advanced features which have improved down the lane before purchasing Microsoft Office 2013 for home and office T5d-01575.

Here’s a list of reasons why most people like Microsoft Office 2013:

  1. Better user interface

Most people found Office 2010’s interface as old fashioned, which has been tweaked a bit in its newer version. Furthermore, Office 2013 is far easier on the eyes than its older version and revamped its file tab. Most people are happy with the Ribbon feature in Office 2013 which appears when you need it and disappear when you don’t.

  1. SkyDrive integration

Office 2013 come with a special feature SkyDrive which lets you integrate the files with the cloud. You can save your file online and access it practically from anywhere in the world. It might be a boon for a lot of people who don’t have a particular computer to work on, they can save the files in SkyDrive rather than the local drive. SkyDrive lets you save worksheet, presentation, and documents with ease.


  1. Go in hand with new technological advancements

Technological advancements have brought in a lot of change in the way you work and interact with others, touchscreen is one such advancement. Office 2013 is designed to support touchscreen features, you can scroll through the word documents by swiping it across horizontally with the fingers. You can also make use of the pinch, slide, tap, stretch, and swipe gestures to operate them.

  1. Edit PDF files with ease

The earlier version of Office you can just word files in PDF format, however, editing them was not possible in them without converting them to word file. You’ll be avoided from these hassles with Microsoft Office 2013 T5d-01575 which lets you open and edit PDF files with ease. It’s a big leap of advancement for most users, because they can edit PDF files and save them either asDocX or PDF files.

  1. Right choice of color coding

It was a tough task for most people to search for a particular application of Office 2010 and its earlier versions. The newer version has brought in a lot of change by color coding them with different colors for each application, like blue for Word and orange for PowerPoint. Color coding makes it a cake for users to recognize each Office 2013 application with ease from the start screen.