Everyone likes to have a different experience during their vacation and this is the reason why they tend to choose the most interesting tourist destinations. There are many adventurous tourist spots all over the world. However, some tourists spots are considered to be extra ordinary that no tourists can deny visit them. Bintan is one such tourist destination which receives millions of tourists from different parts of the world every one. Especially this island is highly renowned for their sandy gorgeous beaches and resorts. Because of this reason they are also considered to be the best place for hangout.

The paradise island

Bintan is often denoted as the paradise island of Indonesia. The beauty of this island is capable of grasping attention of the people of all age group. Hence this can be considered as the right place for spending holidays with family and friends. The resorts and hotels in this island are designed with many interesting features which can provide greater luxury for the tourists. Apart from this, there are also many small villages which can be visited in order to know about the culture and nature of the people living here. People who are interested in spending a long holiday in this island can book the holiday villas. This will be a perfect accommodation for spending time with family.

Bintan ferry terminal

It is to be noted that there are several ways to travel to Bintan. However, in most cases, people tend to prefer the ferry terminals. The ferry terminals are available from Singapore to Bintan. The tourists can book the tickets in any of these ferries and can enjoy their ride at the best. Since the ferries will stop by many small villages, they can have great fun and excitement through this travel. The only thing is once if they have decided to travel by ferry from singapore to bintan they must book the ferry tickets well in advance. In case if they fail to book, they must wait for a long time in queue and there will not be availability of tickets. Hence the advance booking can be done through a reputed booking website.