Air Conditioners are one of the most astonishing innovations in the history of mankind which have elevated our comfort to a different level altogether. Especially in a country like India having extreme climate it is a boon for the people residing here. But Air Conditioners price in India are not everybody’s cup of tea and are a pain point for the people who fear a major hike in the electricity bills if they install one. This fear is real as the very moment an Air Conditioner is added to the already persisting stock of home appliances the electricity bill does shoot up significantly increasing your existing house expenditure. So people are more inclined towards placing their hands on those air conditioners which consume less energy and provide outstanding cooling performances.

But what    is more important and is the matter at hand is that which among the two main technologies- Non inverter air conditioner or Inverter air conditioner is apt for them. Here are some all-important facts that will enlighten you and make you understand the major difference between the two:


Among the two know Air Conditioner technologies, the Inverter ac is better known for its smart, superior and refined technology which consists of a compressor that runs at variable speed. This happens because the technology does not allow the compressor to run at full power continuously and controls the operation of the compressor in such a manner that temperature gets regulated.

On the other side, the non-inverter acs operate at a fixed speed which means that either the compressor of such ac is fully controlled or not controlled at all. Therefore the temperature can only come under control when the ac is turned on and off.

Energy Efficiency

Inverter air conditioners are insurmountable when it comes down to saving the energy consumption. This is because the non-inverter acs function in a fixed manner and don’t really adjust themselves in accordance with any temperature, power or season changes. But that is surely not the case with the inverter acs because they being more efficient adjust to the variations in the heat loads in different places and seasons and manage to save the maximum amount of energy consumed.

Noise in operations

The inverter air conditioners constantly strive to keep up with room temperature and hence require less power to operate as compared to the normal air conditioners. However that is not the case with the non-inverter air conditioners as they use more power while operating and hence produce a louder sound. So if you don’t want to ruin your sleep then you should opt for inverter acs which are quieter.


Inverter air conditioners cater to your needs in a befitting and more efficient way which gives them a competitive edge over the non-inverter air conditioners which is the sole reason for their exorbitant high prices. So if you are low on budget and are looking for a cut-price air conditioner then you should go ahead with purchasing a non-inverter air conditioner.

Wear and Tear

The non-inverter air conditioner works harder due to the ongoing on and off process because of which the wear and tear is faster. On the contrary, the depreciation process is slow in the Inverter air conditioners.

Before making a final call as to which air conditioner to purchase, kindly keep in mind the above distinctions between the two major modes of air conditioners.