Brest feeding is important for the newborn after the delivery. It will become more effective when right tips and techniques are adopted by the woman to get ease in breastfeeding. It will provide benefits for baby along with mothers. Though this technique comes naturally and it is very simple Let us see different positions in breast feeding

Which position for breastfeeding

The  Person will come across with 5 best positions for breastfeeding newbornIt is important for the mother that she should be  comfortable in providing full support  so that they can easily feed the newborn. Put your baby close to your breast so that he does not need to turn his head for feeding. His face should be facing your nipple to feed easily. Bending over to feed the baby will be touched  enough to bend your neck along with your back will result in soaring of nipples which hurts when your baby latches over it. In this condition, women should take out their nipples gently and then start feeding again. Come across with best positions of breast feeding.

  1. Cross cradle hold- This position is simple as you only have to sit comfortably in the chair having armrests. Then hold baby in your arm, across the breast area from which you are feeding her from. You should use left arm for the right breast and right arm for the left breast. Hold the back of the baby’s head in  your open hand and the  other hand to support your breast from underneath. Put his mouth towards the nipples. It is important for the woman that they should not bend or lean forward.
  1. Cradle hold- This is the second position in breast feeding where you have to cradle your baby in your lap along with lying on her side along with resting shoulder and hip and then try to put a nipple with his mouth level so that he can feed easily. Women can also use pillows to lift their baby it, he or she is small. It will also provide the support to your breast.
  1. Laid back position– This is the third position in which you have to lie in bed in such a way that supports your head along with shoulders. Getting comfortable and having plenty of support is an important key in breast feeding. You can rest your baby in any position so he can feed easily.
  1. Clutch position– this position is best for those moms who have gone through cesarean delivery. In this position, baby head is supported by your hand and your arm is used to support his back. Anther arm is used to support your breast.The Baby‘s mouth should be facing your nipple height. The  Pillow can be used to support your baby through your nipple height.
  1. Side lying position– This is the best position for breast feeding baby, in this position woman have to lie down in order to feed his newborn. The Pillow can be used for support so that woman along with baby will find comfortable in feeding.