Daniel DeKoter Attorney, a well- known civil litigation professional specializes in product liability. Product liability talks about a manufacturer or seller being held accountable for offering a faulty product to the customer. It is important to note that all sellers of the product who are in the distribution chain are responsible for a product defect that causes injury. In common terms, the law necessitates that a product should meet the common expectations of the customer. When a product has an unforeseen danger or defect, the product cannot be said to meet the common expectations of the customer.

The product liability claims usually are based on state laws, and brought under the theories of breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability. Furthermore, a set of commercial laws in each state, exhibited on the Uniform Commercial Code, will include warranty rules that affect product liability.

Listed Are Some of the Common Types of Product Defects By Daniel DeKoter Attorney

In a product liability case, Daniel DeKoter Attorney says, a complainant must prove that the product that caused injury has been defective, and that the defect made the product excessively hazardous. Listed below are the types of defects that may cause harm and give rise to supplier or manufacturer liability:

  • Defects in design: In case there is something wrong with the product design and because of which the product is very much unsafe.
  • Defects in marketing: This occurs when there are faults in the way a product is promoted, such as inadequate orders, inappropriate labeling, or insufficient safety cautions.
  • Defects in manufacturing: This occurs in the course of a product manufacturing or assembling.

Product liability litigation are quite complicated and setting up legitimate fault often necessitates the help and evidence of specialists. In addition, every state has its own rules and specific laws that will affect a product liability action. In case you or your loved one has suffered an injury caused by a possibly defective product then you can contact an experienced civil litigation attorney to have your claim evaluated.

Daniel DeKoter is an experienced attorney when it comes to representing all parties in dangerous product liability cases. His experience enables clients to proficiently and profitably resolve product liability lawsuits as they know how the law treats each member in the chain of control over the product on its way to customers.

Daniel DeKoter Attorney is associated with DeKoter, Thole & Dawson, P.L.C. firm as partner which defends product liability cases. Daniel DeKoter is licensed to practice in Iowa and has been serving clients all through northwest Iowa which include Lyon, Sioux, Osceola Dickinson and O’Brien counties. Apart from practicing product liability cases, the firm also has expertise in business and commercial law, agriculture law, contract law, construction law, debtor/ creditor law, criminal law, employment law, elder law, family law, estate planning, litigation and appeals, personal injury law, municipal law, real estate law, estate administration, worker’s compensation, wills and trusts.

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