Suppose, you are employing in a company and next day you have to give presentation on a topic. You have prepared that presentation very effectively and prepared it. But, due to some problem in your computer or laptop, data has been lost and your presentation also. If you did not give presentation on next day in your company, that will give bad impression and there may be chance that your head will become angry on you. In this case, you will face many problems that may lead to more tension in your mind. You do not have lost your presentation but its accessing has been blocked due to Ransomware attack. Ransomware attack is the one that inserts malicious code and block accessing of your laptop and provide you access when you pay money.

This type of malware increasing rapidly and people want to get rid of it. Users are following all prevention tips of Ransomware attack. In a survey, it has found that Ransomware has increased too much in software places and people faces too problem either for using personal laptop or in an organisation. For this, security has been done strictly for all kind of software and IT experts has gave many tips which should be follow every person who has own laptop. Ransomware is similar to malware but there are many things that differentiate it from malware.

Some features of Ransomware attack that differentiate it from malware are:

  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Ability to encrypt all kinds of files
  • Scramble your file names
  • Add a different extension to your files
  • An image or a message
  • Requests payment in Bit coins
  • The ransom payments have a time-limit
  • Uses a complex set of evasion techniques
  • Recruits the infected PCs into Bot nets
  • Frequently features data ex – filtration capabilities
  • Sometimes includes geographical targeting
  • Can spread to other PCs connected to a local network

When there is something different in your laptop or not accessed by you, then keep in mind all above given points. Those points will help you to know that this is because of Ransomware attack or malware attack. Use the prevention tips and protected software or tools in your laptop so that you did not have any Ransomware attack. Ransomware attack is not only for corporate users but it is also for customers. So, it is necessary to stop such attacks. Software companies have protection software for both customers as well as corporate users.  This software is freely available on the internet either for one month free trial or 15 days free trial. This software will secure your laptop from any kind of attack and you will be able to access your data easily. If you find free trial useful, then take software license or monthly and yearly subscription. Service providers will provides all advanced facilities and securities to keep your data secure. So, follow prevention tips and take subscription for protection software and access your data without any fear.