Scratches on furniture are often called “destructive”, although rubbing is a habitual behavior of cats, it is not what they do to behave aggressively! They must keep their feet in good condition, and, in addition, they must assess the area in order to appear protected. Currently, you may not care if the cat uses your furniture or carpets as a friction element, but one day you might be wondering when a cat cannot tell the difference between this sofa and a new emblem, such as some cat trees or scratches poles. What works is having the perfect email that will satisfy this protector better than the furniture. 

This means that it will:

  • Reliable (which means that it will not tip over when dragging)
  • Large enough to spread an entire body against it.
  • In a famous place in the body material that cats love to rub

Preventing this “bad” behavior from the beginning is easier than correcting it after the habit has been established, so be sure to start with your cat or kitten. Ideally, the cat should choose several surfaces / textures for friction in different places of the house. Remember that cats love to scratch to spread, and they usually want to stretch before and after consumption, as well as after a nap, so keep them in your brain, choosing places to scratch the components.

cat tree

Do not forget that you want to mark your territory, so it is possible that the mail should be in a known position, many people make the mistake of placing the mail in a dark corner or in a small room that is not too attractive for kittens. As for rubbing in publications, you will have a lot of options on the market, so how do you choose? One with the type of components and exterior would be great. Most cats prefer sisal cord, although some cats prefer carpet or wood. What they want is that they can cut through their fasteners so that they can remove these outer layers. Something that also provides an external level for rubbing is great if your cat has this hobby. You will notice that some cats love to rub carpets or the top of the sofa. 


Therefore, such scrapers and cat trees are the best way to protect your expensive furniture from scratches. These publications will not only protect your furniture, but also make your cat occupied.