Electronic cigarettes are considered to be safer than the normal ones don’t have tobacco content. The experience of vaping would be similar to that of a normal traditional cigarette. Several people are converting to smoking the electronic cigarettes. The flavor of these cigarettes is similar to the normal ones though they contain other flavors in it.

The ejuice used in the electronic versions are optimized for perfect performance. The liquid used in these devices is made up of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in large percentage. Flavors are added to enhance the smoking experience of the user. Nicotine is added in variable quantity as per the category.


The liquid can be diluted with distilled water if necessary. The basic ingredients remain the same in every liquid and the flavors change. The electronic cigarettes are considered to be safer since they don’t have the harmful chemicals used in the production of traditional ones. Vaping is an alternative to smoking and is less harmful. There is no bad breath after vaping since they have flavored liquid that causes the vapors. The risks of contracting deadly diseases like cancer and tumor are lower in vapers. The vapors emitted from the electronic cigarettes are odorless and thus doesn’t cause public nuisance.

Vaping Is Safer Than Traditional Smoking

There are several new users being attracted to the world of vaping. Understanding the different types of products available is necessary before starting vaping. There are different categories of ejuice available with varying nicotine strengths ranging from 0 to 24 mg. New users should start from zero so they can get used to the feeling of vaping. Higher amount of nicotine would cause a strange sensation in the throat. Vaping is legal in majority of the countries across the globe and hence people can vape anywhere they desire. Following rules and regulations would help in making the experience pleasurable. Since vaping doesn’t have tobacco the adverse effects are meager compared to the traditional cigarettes. Tobacco is dangerous for the smoker and people in the vicinity of the smoke. The electronic cigarettes don’t require fire and hence there are no butts to be disposed. These are cost effective in the long run.