What is Cart Abandonment and how does it affects the online sellers?

 Cart abandonment is a common practice among the online shoppers. The online shopping sites and portals send out promotional campaigns very often to the targeted customer segment. Most users check out the offers, add their favourite items in the cart or the wish list and then keep it like that without placing an order. Almost all e-commerce portal owners face this strange customer habit that affects their revenues hugely. To get an answer, a team of experts in Denmark, conducted a survey with big corporate entities. The results showed that the prime reason for cart abandonment is the lengthy checkout process that dissipates the users. Skip Cart has come up with a unique solution for shopify apps that removes the checkout process and the user directly lands up to the checkout page once he presses the “add to cart” button. This eliminates the unnecessary delay during the checkout process and provides a seamless shopping experience to the users.

An easy way to identify and retain the valued customers

 So, opt for Skip Cart and give your customers a taste of hassle-free shopping experience. They will love it for sure and this way you can identify who the real money spenders are. Most of the users who download different shopify apps search for a particular item to compare the price with other sites or fulfil their urge for window shopping. It is an excellent tool for the genuine buyers who do not like to waste their valuable time on searching better options or go through product recommendations. They love the easy and fast method by Skip Cart where they can skip the shopping cart and directly proceed with the checkout and payment processes. This special tool is going to be extremely popular among the online sellers as well as the potential buyers. So, opt for Skip Cart when you build a new shopping site or update your existing site as it will earn you more revenues and help to retain the valuable customers for a long time.