Shropshire furniture

The natural texture of the wooden table chair, full of natural and simple atmosphere; metal veneer with furniture made of artificial leather or textile steel, elegant lines, sense of style, highlighting the performance of the contrast effect; Upscale dark furniture, it is elegant, the spirit of deep, rich and rich oriental feeling of Han. Choose a table chair to understand the relationship between the chair and the table.

As a general rule, when you eat or rest, the height of the chair is more than 400 mm to 430 mm below the size of the school and the desktop difference of 280 mm or more than 320 mm below the beach is more comfortable. The table is divided into a western table and a table. The western table is usually square, the middle table is usually round. In western European countries, the most advanced restaurants are round tables. If the area of the restaurant is larger, it is advisable to use a round table, a round table. For example, type a table that is richer in intimacy.

The choice of materials

Modern armchairs and sofas are always composed of a frame, layers of springs or foam, and flock. Opt for frames in oak or dried maple rather than pine. Shropshire furniture a unique name in the field of furniture

Like a mattress, the seat of the chairs and sofas will be more or less firm depending on the choice of material. For the comfort of the corpulent people, a firm seat is required.

Shropshire furniture

The importance of sitting

Choose seats with coil springs, tight webbing, and regular seam cushions.

The height of the seat and the backrest is also important. It is much easier to get up if the chair is high than if it is flush with the floor.

There are chairs equipped with a mechanical or electrical device that can adjust the inclination and height of the seat to help the user to stand up more easily.

Durability and wash ability

Armchairs and sofas covered with a waterproof, Teflon-proof coating will remain as new for many years.

Purchase an easy-to-clean leather model a priority, especially if you have children who tend to spill anything they touch or an animal that loves to curl up on the cushions!

The presence of insufficiently tight threads may indicate sloppy work. Microfibers, leather and textured fabrics are usually durable materials.

Caution with light colors

If you prefer a light-colored model, check if it is possible to remove the covers. You can wash them by the machine or bring them to the cleaner.

Otherwise, cover the furniture with a fabric that you will remove and store before the arrival of your guests.