A Party Band, also known as a cover band, performs popular and well-known songs, mostly at weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate functions, anniversary parties, or any kind of occasion.

Advantages of Hiring a Party Band

Live Party Bands, consisting of real musicians, are the perfect entertainment for any kind of celebration. While a DJ or a close friend or relative could certainly charm a crowd and play recorded music, they can’t offer the same vitality.  Additional advantages of a live Party Band include:

  • Visual Impression. Guests can see and react to a live Party Band’s intensity and enthusiasm.
  • A live Party Band generates an atmosphere that gets partygoers dancing and makes the celebration unforgettable.
  • Sight and Sound. These define the success of party and a live Party Band offers both – not just worn, unexciting recordings of the same songs.
  • A live Party Bandstimulates a crowd with tangible, infectious energy.  Partygoers instantly feel it and it immediately enhances the celebration.
  • A live Party Band directs the action.  It essentially keeps the party going.

How to Hire a Party Band

A simple Internet search returns a plethora of Party Bands.  So, which one should you choose?  Referrals from friends and relatives, of course, are always the best (but, not usually abundant).  You could also find ways to reduce your number of choices.  Perhaps you want a Party Band that only plays certain music.  You can hire a Party Band to only play songs from a certain decade, such as from the 1950s, 1960s, and so forth; to play only country music; to play only jazz; to play only rock; or… You get the idea.

To help make the selection, here are some questions you may want to ask a potential Party Band:

  • Can someone act as the master of ceremonies? Extremely important.  You may need someone to introduce guests, announce dances, handle festivities, etc.
  • Can you see a sample performance? A Party Band should have some recordings of past performances.  Perhaps they could also arrange to let you see them play at an upcoming event.(That, of course, is up to the one who hired the Party Band, not the Party Band, so don’t blame them if the answer is “no”).
  • Can they play/learn traditional songs or music that maybe important to you (such as a Jewish, Greek, or religious songs)?
  • How long will they play? Some Party Bands offer a maximum number of hours of play time, along with a few breaks. You should also find out what will happen during those breaks.  Will they play recorded music?
  • Can you comply with song requests? Do they mind requests?  How do they respond to them?  Are there songs they simply won’t play?
  • Do you have a cancellation policy? A date and/or plans may change.  What are the consequences?

Important Advice

Every expert offers different advice, yet the one tip everyone agrees upon is:  book early.  Doing so allows you to get your prime choice at the best possible rate.

And, the most important advice:  enjoy!  Whatever you’re celebrating, the live Party Band is there to make it exciting.  So, have a great time!