Film is an important part of every director and producer and they will have to tap the social marketing medium to ensure that their film reaches maximum audience. New marketing concept of films has tapped into the concept of digital marketing, and they have explored the role of digital marketing agency.

Joseph Cianciotto on film marketing

Film marketing has started exploring the social media. Many movie production houses has started exploring avenues like Instagram, Facebook, blog and other medium like twitter and they have started uploading the making video on YouTube before production ends so that interest is generated and maintained.

Films has started getting acceptance globally when the production news is send through social media and Whatsapp group has helped in getting a conversation going. Some movies had gained audience approval thanks to the promotion of scenes and trailers throughout the social media and many movie-makers had gained acceptance when they started promoting movies by starting a verified Facebook page.

Some movies have created a curiosity on the moods of the movie goes by tapping into the movement of the main lead actor with Google map and so on. There are times when a big image has been placed on the beach with an impression that it has been washed ashore and people have flocked to see that only to realize that it was a movie promotion. Then this visiting of people will be uploaded in the social media, and this will be promoted by all. Joseph Cianciotto states that the digital marketing teams that helps in film marketing will ensure that people will flock to theatres.

Pre-roll advertising will happen, and that will help in the movie promotion. Some movies have used snap chat as a method to provoke the main lead actress fan base and ensure that they engage in chat and help in ensuring that a pre-movie enthusiasm is done and this will ensure that more people will go to see the movie when it is released.

Tap into the celebrity concept

Joseph Cianciotto in New York advocates that film marketing should tap into the celebrity concept. The plan of promoting selfie with movie leads will promote the movie to more youths. Creation of games based on the movie character and making it available through Google play store app will create the much-needed hype that is necessary to build enthusiasm for the movie.

Film l promotion can be done using mobiles, and this will help in ensuring that more people will be curiously waiting for the movie. One can go on creating twitter accounts based on the movie characters and can interact with people after a movie is released and this will help in ensuring that pre-release enthusiasm is maintained. The other option is to start a blog or website and sell items based on the characters of the movie. There are film promotions that has been done by suing coupon code through social media and people has been asked to participate in contest.