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Work injuries can make your life miserable and even medical mistakes can make it worse. If a medical error occurs then the insurer as well as the employer is responsible for the costs. If your employer or insurer denies the medical claim, then the employee is eligible for medical negligence claim against a healthcare provider who is negligent. This claim is eligible for damages that you might be suffering from after a work related illness or accident.

What is the need for medical negligence compensation?

In many countries the employers must provide their workers with medical compensation coverage. It is a type of no-fault insurance where the worker is reimbursed irrespective of the cause of injury. If the employer provides this coverage then the employee does not have the right to sue his employer for negligence. This insurance coverage provides employees who are injured with benefits if accident or illness related to job results in a condition which is disabling and it makes the employee unable to work full time or part time.

workers compensation attorney oregonThis insurance covers medical costs and also provides weekly benefits such as wages if the worker is disabled. The employee may also get benefits such as vocational rehabilitation services, survivor benefits in case of death, or one time payment if employee suffered a disfiguring injury. In addition to that the employee gets medical care for treatment till the condition lasts. The worker who is injured continues to get the benefit of such an insurance coverage if the injury caused at work results or changes into a permanent disease or disability.

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Process of Suing for Medical Negligence

The person who is injured may consider filinga medical malpractice case against their employer or healthcare provider. If the employer has provided the insurance coverage to the employee then he does not have the right to sue the employer in any manner and so the third party i.e. healthcare or insurance provider must be claimed. If the healthcare provider is showing negligence then the victim can file a claim for medical malpractice. In this claim, the person should show that the healthcare provider has failed to provide a good standard of care which was needed and expected by a professional in this field. This led to severe failures and the victim had to suffer damages and harm.