Camping outdoors can be bliss provided you are properly equipped and have a sturdy camp to stay in. Ozark Trail 4-person Instant Dome tent is by far the most popular recreational tent around.

It offers plenty of floor space and is designed to ride out heavy winds.  They are aerodynamically designed, more stable and relatively easy to set up.

The poles used for setting up this dome shaped tent is, either fiberglass or aluminum. They usually slide through the sleeves on the tent and then pulled up in a rounded shape and inserted in the little pockets or corners of the fabric.

Domes shaped tents offer protection and are preferred in areas with high wind speeds.  They are less likely to collapse due to their shape.

These are very convenient when folding and packing in the travel bag.

These tents come are classified as freestanding, which means they do not need the guy lines (ropes tied to the trees and other support) and stakes.

Freestanding tents offer easy portability and can be moved from one location to another (the distance bring reasonable) in one piece.

However, it does not mean that the tent is left unstaked as chances of it flying off in case of windy weather are very high. Another good thing about the dome shape tents is that they can take on the rains fairly good. The rain fly is overhung in such a way that it lets the windows open and fresh air keeps circulating. This is essential both in summers as well in the winter seasons. The rainfly also can be stacked close to the ground so that the rain does not touch the tent.

These tents offer comfort and space for four with space for storage.

Some manufacturers color code the corners or the sleeves and this is especially helpful when you want to set up your camp as quickly as possible and run indoors.

Though there are lots of positives of this instant dome tent, on the flip side it may not be as tall or roomy as the standard rectangle ‘A frame’ ones.  The sloping sides mean you have to hunch over a lot when inside.

The poles are crisscrossing hence they form a hexagonal or octagonal shape which makes these Ozark Trail 4-person instant Dome Tent really rigid. However do not forget that it is because of this very shape that they are sturdy during windy conditions.