Having made the right career choice, one can rest assured to secure their future. But those who are yet to make their decision, and wants to have a bright the future ahead, must ensure the choice is made carefully and wisely. Having made electrical and electronic engineering as the choice, a student gives himself a challenging, enriching and rewarding experience at the university. Conventionally, a child is being brought up with ideal professions like doctors, nurses, and teachers in the society. Without any disrespect to either of the professions, it must be acknowledged that even electrical and electronic engineers are needed in the society which specifically in the 21st century is so much dependent on technology and modern smart gadgets.

Haris Ahmed, who himself is an electrical and electronic engineering student at one of the most reputed universities in the world of Academics, has seen his juniors into the dilemma while making such a crucial decision. He henceforth, states some of the reasons why he believes the next generations must consider the discipline while choosing their career options.

  • Those who have been in college life know the importance that Graduate projects hold in getting the best grades. Once, any of these students are into Electrical, or Electronic Engineering receives a sea size range open wide in front to pick and choose one. The more versatile a project is, the better is the score, and the better the score higher is the chances of employability. So that is one added incentive which has got a direct impact on a student’s life.
  • If you’re given a situation where you need to find a nation where electrical and electronic engineers are not required, it is pretty sure you will have some tough time while finding one out. So when that’s the scenario, you can even expect the kind of exposure the subject can provide you while you decide to achieve a degree or even when you are hunting for a suitable job. After some of the research work that Haris Ahmed did while making his own decision, he came up with some startling facts, that there are more than seventeen possible courses he could apply for across the world in different universities. So if you dream of spending some portion of your life abroad venturing and exploring the unknown, this could be the best break your career can provide you.
  • As the technology expands at a rapid rate, the Academic world expects the market to grow by few multiple times in the next one decade. Computing has kept humanity engaged 24/7, and that brings in need of the electronic engineers more. And the best way one could develop computing and technological skills is a graduation degree in electrical and electronics engineering.

Be not just the present, try being the future, and going by the trends, technological brilliance is what sees your future. Name an industry, and you can see the proliferation of electrical and electronic engineering, and hence the future lies way ahead of you.