Garage flooring Chicago

The way you take care of your car or any other vehicle, you should take the same care of your garage as well. This will keep your workplace clean and will add more value to it. However, garage floors are never meant to last a lifetime. You need to recoat the garage floors after a certain time, which you can know by contacting Garage flooring Chicago. There are certain signs which will warn you about resurfacing your garage floors.

Garage flooring ChicagoStains

When you start noticing stains from grease, motor oil, acid and other contaminants accumulating on your garage floor, you should know that it is time for you to apply a fresh coating to your garage floor. These might not seem to cause any harm to you, but in the long run, these chemicals can destroy you’re the floors of your garage and deteriorate the garage flooring. To avoid any such problems regarding floor stains, it is better to invest in a high-quality garage floor coating, preferably of polyaspartic material which will prevent any stains and give your garage a brand new look for a long time.

Peeling, Flaking & Corrosion

Other signs are of peeling, flaking, and corroding of the epoxy garage flooring. These are caused mainly due to the chemical stains, dents, scratches and hot tires. Skidding tires are the major problems as the epoxy flooring generally rests on top of the concrete rather than soaking it completely. This provides optimal durability. To solve this problem, you can coat your garage floorings with polyaspartic. The reason is that this penetrates well inside the layers and bond together with the concrete which results in less peeling and corrosion.


Cracking is also a common sign of resurfacing the garage floor.  There are a lot of reasons behind it. One of them is due to the fluctuations in temperature which causes the concrete floor to expand and contract on contact with heat, water, and exposure to the sun. As more water goes into the crack, the cracks expand and cause more trouble. Another reason is the shrinkage of the concrete due to the weather patterns if rain, heat, snow, and drought which forms cracks in a three-point pattern. Settlement of the ground beneath the concrete garage floor can cause cracks. These cracks can be prevented by applying a fresh coating of polyaspartic flooring.


Garage floors are meant to be damaged in a few years. However, if the signs are noticed earlier, you can save a lot of money on recoating the floors.