To store data in a cloud means to opting for a service that maintains, backs up, manages data and makes it accessible to the user through internet. There is generally a system of pay per GB of data that is stored in the cloud. The service may differ from the different providers and there may be pros and cons of every provider. The features each provider has must be gone through and then the suitable provider should be given the responsibility to. The rate per GB has been reduced nowadays but the operating expenses have been increased as the security concerns of many are taken into consideration by all providers seriously and increased the reliability of their service. With the increase in security, the features like data encryption and authentication have been introduced.

The three types of cloud storage have their own ups and downs. The need of every data user is different and accordingly he chooses the type of storage. The three types are public cloud, on-premises cloud, and the hybrid cloud which differ in the user-provider relationship that is in the third party provider or a private provider or a mixture of both.


There are obvious advantages for which people opt this service.

  • There is only the need to pay for the storage that is actually been used by the user that is generally the average space used in a month. There are the operating expenses that make the service a bit expensive otherwise the capital expensive are very low.
  • The average energy consumption of companies can be reduced by 70% that makes them a sustainable firm which further helps in keeping their own cost of business low as well because of which profits can be increased.
  • The main feature of that define this service is the availability of data when needed and protection of data which are added to the very architecture of this type of storage. So, the expenses of security of data and its responsibility are both eliminated.
  • The choice from that of the on-premises, the public or the mixture of these both that is the hybrid form of service covers the likes of very large population. Many people find the right kind of service very easily according to their needs.
  • To purchase new storage spaces, the cloud storage providers are responsible and they do not bother the user.
  • The cloud storage can act as the backup of data in situations of disasters as the copy the data stored on the cloud is located on 2-3 different locations across the globe depending upon the provider.
  • The service can be used to copy data from the cloud to the accessible device easily that is the cloud image library.
  • Firms which have different branches that are located on different geographical locations can use this cloud storage and make the information accessible to every branch without actually transferring it manually to each and every branch. This makes the synchronization of all branches possible and uniformity of functions. The difference of business done by every branch is eliminated.