We all know that taking over the counter drugs is a strict no-no for pregnant women. In fact drugs are best avoided during pregnancies. But what to do when it comes to common ailments and discomforts during pregnancies that can be treated easily with a few drugs?

For starters you should not take any medication without consulting your doctor first. It is of crucial importance that you get a list from your doctor which mentions safe medications during pregnancy. In fact it would be ideal if you could avoid drugs when you are pregnant and try out some other safer alternatives. Here is a list of the drug free alternatives that you can use to treat some common discomforts during pregnancy:

  • One of the most common ailments during pregnancy is digestive problems. From heartburns to haemorrhoids, women are plagued with these common yet painful problems during pregnancy. Instead of jumping into your medicine cabinet for some relief, there are a few precautions that you ought to maintain from before in order to avoid such discomfort. For example have meals that are less spicy since that will prevent heartburns. You can also take small helpings in meals and eat more frequently throughout the day in order to give your stomach the time to process the food and then you can take in more. Thus eating in small amounts and in frequent intervals is a better option. You can also take part in some sort of fitness regime which will undoubtedly help you to keep your digestive problems at bay.

  • Pain- headaches or muscle pains or joint pains are quite common during pregnancies. In such cases it is best to avoid aspirin since it is a drug that is strictly to be avoided during pregnancies. Cold compress is a far better solution to treating pain but it might not act as an instant pain relief. Well if you do need an instant pain relief option then you can have Tylenol, only if your doctor prescribes it since this is a drug which has been deemed to be safe to be consumed during pregnancies.
  • Well, when it comes to allergic reactions to dust and cold, it is something that every woman who is pregnant will have to face at least once. The trick to keep this under control is to regularly perform breathing exercises in the morning fresh air or get involved in yoga. You can also try out hot drinks when you catch a cold. Get lots of rest and make sure that you intake enough amount of fluids in your body. These are the best medicines for cold, whether pregnant or not.

The above three are the most common problems which women who are pregnant have to face. When it comes to taking medication for pregnancy it is better to be safe and preventive so that you can minimise the amount of medicine that you take during this period of time. So if you want to experience a minimal or drug free pregnancy then you can always try out the safer alternatives.