Sustanon has the capacity of putting on the calories in forming mass muscle. It definitely helps in bulking. The strength of the individual is increase because of the four esters of testosterone present in susaton 400. The metabolism of the body is increased, hence the burning of fat.

The cutting cycle is enhanced by the use of the steroid as the lean tissue muscle is retained and the unwanted fat is burned. This process is much quicker than other products found in the market which deal with same process.

The athletic performance is definitely increased due to the increase in the stamina, and endurance gained through the increase in muscle mass.


The intake of Sustanon 250 supplement will definitely show good results the ones stated above. That is with right kind of diet, exercise regime along with a medical guidance to tell when and what take and how along will keep you safe to some extent as these are extremely dangerous drugs at hand. Only a low dosage of 250mg will help in medical usage, like people with low testosterone levels. But for muscle mass gain and other benefits it calls for the double the dose. But 500mg per week shouldn’t exceed otherwise you are risking it. The 750mg and 1000mg per week is for the experienced users and who are able to tolerate its effects. But for beginners it is ideal to go for smaller dosages.

When shouldn’t sustanon 250 be used?

While the steroid is generally safe for use, there are certain conditions when you shouldn’t have it. In case of any doubt, contact a medical practitioner to find out whether it is unsafe for you.

Sustanon 250 shouldn’t be used when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Anyone who has had a tumor also should avoid it. This is particularly true if you have had a prostate or breast tumor previously. Another factor to look out for is whether you are allergic to any of the constituents of this drug. So, read the leaflet accompanying it carefully if you have had any previous medicine allergies, and make sure that the ingredient you are allergic to isn’t included in the particular drug you choose to have.

It is also necessary to make sure that the drug is safe to use, if you are suffering from any underlying medical condition or have suffered from any lung or heart disease in the past.

People with previous medical conditions have to be very careful as it can lead to many adverse effects. Migraine headaches and other problems of health such as epilepsy are warned forehand to be careful. Even pregnant and breastfeeding mothers better abstain from the use of this steroid. Even otherwise there have been cases that have been reported for liver, renal and cardiac failure, these are the vital organs of the body and damaging them may cause loss of life also. High blood pressure and cholesterol patients have to be aware that drug will do more harm than good to them; hence they would just avoid it.