When it comes to cleaning, the most neglected part of the house is the windows, chiefly so if one resides in a housing area, such as in a flat. Nonetheless, window cleaning is very easy and inexpensive too. Therefore, there is no reason to neglect and mistreat this.

Window Cleaning

While cleaning the windows, there are some dos and don’ts that one should keep in mind.

  • Do arrange the proper equipment for cleaning the windows. A stable ladder, a very soft piece of cloth or sponge, and a hose are the basic window cleaning There are wiper sponges available in the market specially made for the window cleaning. One might need some gloves too, to keep the hands dry.
  • Do not use normal news-paper or crumpled up paper towels along with cleaning sprays. They do not clean the windowpane; rather, they just keep the dirt aside and leave them on the sides of the pane. Not only this, they also create static energy on the glass pane that attracts dirt so much.
  • Do wash the windows with a mild detergent solution at first, preferably a homemade one with some lukewarm water. Start with hosing down the window, then use the warm water and the mild solution and end up with sponging the window glass light handedly. Use a stronger detergent after that.
  • Do not try to scrape off the dirty corners of the windows with blade or sponge-wools. That can scrape off the outer coating of the glass itself and damage it. Therefore, try rinsing them with lots
  • Do not wash the windows in scorching heat and sunshine. The filth will be ample amount of tougher to get off and the glass of the windows can start to dry even before the sponging starts and it will result a smeared glass with wasted effort.
  • Do try to choose a cool and cloudy day to wash your windows. If the day is moist and cool, the dirt will not be baked hard on the glass pane and it will be a lot easier to remove them. Moreover, it is always easier to do such an exhausting work on a cool, breezy day instead of a hot sultry day.
  • Don’t start from the bottom of the window, as by the time you will start wiping the upper part, the bottom will be soap cladded again.
  • Do inspect wind route beforehand. Though it sounds a little over the top, but the soap bubbles can become mobile with the help of the wind. If one cleans the windows and moves to the next just a have soap bubble filling the previous one, it will be a waste of energy and time.
  • Don’t go for window cleaning if you do not have a well-shaped, steady ladder. Using an old, wrecked ladder can assure you a trip straight to the hospital.

Most importantly, do call a professional to have a hassle-free window cleaning. It is not a piece of cake to finish all the windows of the house by oneself. Therefore, the most appropriate decision is to call the professionals to clean your windows and be tension-free.