Beauty therapy is quickly turning out to be one of the world’s medical procedures. This is because beauty has become a bit more important than it used to be some years back. With the emergence of socialites and the beauties of Hollywood, no one wants to look old or actually look their real age. Changes in the environment have also affected how people look especially those living in urban areas or around industries. This affects mostly the skin with effects most visible on the faces. Some of the procedures that can be performed to make some changes on the appearance of the face are skin therapy which includes micro needling.

Micro needling Procedure

Micro needling is a procedure that uses many tinny needs to inject the skin of the face which in turn triggers the body to make some changes which eliminates any scars and thereafter improving firmness and texture of the skin. This procedure is mostly preferred by younger people around the ages of 30 to 40 since they are still young to have plastic surgery on their faces. The procedure can also be done on any other part of the body including the skin. It is mostly preferred for areas that are exposed off clothing.

The procedure

It does not involve any use of medicines of other things applied on the skin which can cause allergic reaction to the body. The procedure itself is painless and has very little known side effects. After it is performed, the skin might feel dry for sometime before normal feeling is experienced again. In some cases where patients have performed micro needling on their skin continuously, the appearance of the skin has changed and liked worse. It is therefore, advised that one should not have the procedure continuously but rather waits for some time after the first time before they can do it again on the same surface of the skin.

The known benefits

There are many known benefits of micro needling and some of them include; repairing of visible scars on the body, reducing fine and deep wrinkles on the skin and repairing sun damages and pigments. All these three when eliminated helps the skin and the individual attain and get back their real beauty without any risk of reaction and at a low cost. It is also known to help aging skin. This is by helping tighten the skin and help the skin age gracefully and slowly. It also helps the skin products used by people on their skins work better.

On whom can it be performed?

This procedure can be performed on both men and women of all ages. It does not work better on some people than on others. It has been known to be efficient and the cost is low. It must however be accompanied by relevant skin products depending on the skin of the individuals. It can also be done on the entire body if one wishes for it. If done correctly, it also relaxes the body and eliminates fatigue of the bodies of the people it is done on.