Steven Rindner

Running is undeniably a very healthy form of exercise as it helps to have a sound physical and mental health. Individuals from any age groups can take part in running to improve their health conditions.  Marathons are conducted almost in every country these days to encourage people take part in running. Those who have already signed up for the marathon event for the first time; they need to go through proper training in order to succeed in the marathon.

Steven Rindner provides some important tips for individuals taking part in marathon for the first time

The excitement of the challenge and the personal victory from meeting such a high goal encourages most marathoners. Few take part in marathon as they want to burn thousands of calories while strengthening their heart, bones, and muscles. Others take part in marathon because their friends are also taking part in it or they want to support a loved one who is looking for optimum physical fitness.

Steven Rindner is an enthusiastic runner who has participated in marathons and other running events with family and friends. He says that almost anyone who has been trained properly, is well-fed, wears suitable footwear, and is not injured can complete a marathon. However, those who are taking part in marathon for the first time can refer to the below mentioned tips provided by Steven:

Steven Rindner

  • Marathon means you will have to run long distance, so you should respect the distance and prepare for it confidently. This confidence can come automatically once you are prepared well for this.
  • Steven says that it is always better to start out at the speed which you can maintain the entire race. Even if you have a strong will, the metabolic disorder caused by running too quick at the starting will force you to reduce speed during successive phases of the race. Therefore, run the first mile at the speed you expect to average for the entire marathon.
  • As the marathon distance is so vast, a small number of runners are capable to successfully speed their way. When running a marathon you may find that the initial miles looks so effortless that you can run much quicker. But a speed variance per mile in the first half of a marathon can make the difference between falling apart and hanging on in the second half. So selecting an apt time goal is very important as it can give you an appropriate target speed.
  • Steven says that in marathon one cannot actually plan everything in advance because of its vastness. Therefore, it is recommended that should plan a speed at the start by paying attention to actual pace data. After you have passed the halfway mark then can you safely go by feel, and run the remaining distance at the fastest pace possible.
  • In order to succeed in the running, it is of extreme importance to keep yourself well-hydrated. It is important to note that your running performance will start to decline in case of only a two to three percent loss of body mass due to fluid loss. Therefore carry water and deink in between while running.

These are some of the most important points to consider as stated by Steven Rindner when taking part in marathon.