Even when you care a lot about your car, chances are your windshield wipers do not get that much of attention. However, if you live in an area where winter seasons can be quite harsh, you would know the importance of having high quality windshield installed to improve your visibility. Cracked and damaged wiper blades fail to perform in an optimum way and may even scratch your glass. It is important to inspect your wiper blades often and replace them if they fail to clear your view. In most cases, you can use a wet towel to clean the edge of the blade. This is usually enough to remove dirt, dust, and grime. Regular washing is important too.

Now that you know the importance of wiper blades, you may be thinking if you should change your existing wiper blades and opt for something else. To make a better decision, you need to know about the types of wiper blades first. There are three main types of wiper blades. For instance:

  • There are old bracket blades that use a frame with several contact points. These contact points press the blade to the windshield and help remove dirt and water. These wiper blades are the least expensive ones, but they are not that effective in wintry conditions. It is easy for snow and ice to collect on the metal framework. The buildup of snow and ice can bind the wiper and cause streaking, smearing, or even a complete failure to work.
  • There are beam blades that has a single curved piece of metal inside the blade. This metal piece provides tension and helps the blade clear the windscreen. These types of blades work great in wintry conditions because they discourage any buildup of snow and ice. They are usually a bit expensive as compared to bracket-type wipers, but they are more suitable for harsh climate conditions.
  • There are hybrid blades that are actually a combination of bracket blades and bean blades. Their construction is like bracket blades, but the outer shell is quite compact and has a low profile. The aerodynamic shape of hybrid blades makes them a lot more popular.

It is important to point out that if your vehicle has bracket blades, you can easily upgrade them to hybrid or beam-style blades. However, if your vehicle originally came with beam blades, you can only use the same type to replace the old ones. While you can use specific options, you may feel better while driving when you have heated windshield wiper blades. There are actually many benefits associated with these types of blades. For instance:

  • They provide you with consistent and reliable performance.
  • They save you from cleaning your windshield manually.
  • They improve your visibility significantly.
  • They use silicone blades that are extremely sturdy and durable.
  • They continue to work even when the temperature is below -40 degrees.

The fact of the matter is that visibility is of immense importance for safe driving, and selecting the right type of windshield wiper blades will play a big role here. Be sure to take your time to research and select the most suitable wiper blades for your vehicle.