If you are looking for a tree service, you probably have a reason. Whether they are affected by disease, pests, lean in the wrong direction, have been struck down during the storm or you are simply looking for expert advice, quality tree service is what you need. How do you tell top-notch services from the rest? This is how:

Highly trained and experienced

The first thing to always look for in a service is to go for the best in the market. To tell you are dealing with the pros, check their credentials and get to know how long they have been in the industry. Newbies could be good but you cannot risk since you lack reviews to refer from. Do not settle for cheap services instead be ready to pay for quality workmanship.


Every credible service has to have certification from the right bodies in a given area. Ensure that the guys you call up have a business license. Having a license means that the arborists are recognized by the local authorities that is, they are legitimate practitioners. Failure to do so could cause you irreparable damage. Your hard earned money will also go to waste.


Apart from a business license, another document to confirm a tree service agency is the insurance. You do not want to incur property damage and have to sort it by yourself, do you? Apart from that, you may face law suits if an employee is hurt during a tree removal or cutting. This therefore means you have to ask for a copy of their insurance cover to ward off any problems.

Safety first

Always choose arborists who have ‘safety first’ as their policy. Why? Experts who are safety oriented will ensure not to make clumsy mistakes which have dire consequences. They instead come prepared with the right gear and equipment. Protective gears that the techs should have include helmets, protective glasses, face shields and steel toe boots. Be on the watch out for the climbing equipment and if you see a ladder just send the team packing because it is not the right tool.

Program trainings

When picking out services, choose one that boosts its employees through continuous training. Doing so means you will only get up to date services. Employees from such an agency will know how to handle situations in the best and efficient way. If it is a leaning tree, the techs know how to cut it and ensure minimal to no damage is incurred. Come to think it, this will give you the best tree service experience you need.


This is another key aspect to consider when dealing with tree service providers. Make sure that you get the estimates in writing so that you can prepare beforehand. Never should you pay before the service is completed and you are satisfied with the results. If you have any complaints, ensure that is addressed to leave all sides satisfied.

Next time you are considering to hire a tree service, ensure it is quality.