Flatbed Trailers are the type of trucks whose body is entirely flat. These level beds have no sides or roofs and assist in speedy and uncomplicated loading of goods. Consequently, transportation of heavy loads that are not of delicate nature or are not vulnerable to rain can be transported from one place to another via Flatbed trailers. Apart from this abnormal loads that demand too much space that a closed body can’t accommodate can also be transported through them.

Some of the unique features of these trailers are that they can withstand high load capacity, have unique mechanical strength and there operation is maintenance free. Flatbed trailers are also known by other names like flat float, high boy trailers, flat deck etc.

Flatbed trailer rental

Flatbed trailer rental are the services provided by specialized group of professionals who handle world class range of heavy duty equipments with precise care. The services offered vary greatly depending upon the size of the flatbed trailers. They have utility trailers in varied sizes and types.

What are the specialized services provided by the Flatbed trailer rentals?

Contractors hauling lumbers and people who want transportation of big tanks usually avail flatbed trailer rental services. Services are provided in a hassle free manner. Some of the services are transporting of-

  • Oil
  • Petroleum
  • Other related products
  • Personal car
  • Transport of smaller vehicles like cars, bikes, cycles, mini trucks,
  • Railway items transportation
  • Huge pipes
  • Flat steel hauling etc

How to ensure which flatbed trailer rental to be hired?

There are a number of ways customers can check the genuineness-

  • Word of mouth through friends or relatives is a great way to check if the services are outstanding. Furthermore, positive or negative reviews of the customers are given on websites. Fewer negative reviews guarantee professionalism, trustworthiness and genuineness. Pay focus on various aspects as in if they deliver what they guarantee (for example aspect like cleanliness of trailer etc).
  • The customers can call the rental agency and ask for the availability of the sizes and types of rental they need.
  • Make sure that their customer care executive picks the phone during working hours surely.
  • The trailer rentals who have been conducting business from a long time are again reputed and dependable ones. Their existence shows that they have won customers confidence.

Following are some common types of flatbed trailers available for rent or lease purposes-

  • 50 ton lowboys
  • Straight frame flatbeds
  • Step decks
  • Extendable flatbeds
  • Straight frame spread-axles
  • Double drop spread-axles
  • Single drop spread-axles and much more.

How to contact them?

Flatbed trailer rental usually advertise their services in newspapers, yellow pages, magazines, banners and through websites and pop up advertisements online. The customers can contact either by calling them on their phone number or by dropping an email which is replied within 24 working hours. They can also be contacted on chat. Customers can ask for the quotations from various flatbeds trailer rentals and finally make the decision of hiring.

Flatbed trailers have assisted everyone on a large scale and contributed hugely in the progress and comfort of homeowners, businessmen and the growth and development of the country.