Everything was working out fine, and momentarily there was the feeling that you were living the life you deserve especially when it comes to your career. Then suddenly without any warning, the most dreaded words at the workplace hits you; ‘You are fired.’ There was no preparation for that, and you were not ready emotionally, financially, and physically to leave your current job. This instantly turns out to be the worst experience of your career as it brings most things to a standstill. However, you manage to put up a strong face, pick up your belongings, and leave to a private place most probably home to think over the shift of events.

For most people, it is a time of profound questioning and wondering what they could have done wrong. ‘Why me?’, ‘did I do something wrong?’, ‘When did I do it?’, ‘Was there a sign that I missed?’ The questions at this stage are endless, and while some employees had the termination coming, for most it is a stage of confusion. This feeling of helplessness often arises from the fact that the employee sees nothing wrong on their part that deserves the termination. A fact about most employment terms is that the management reserves the right to fire and hire employees at will, but even this must be done within the legal limits.

In the midst of the sea of despair, you can seek out legal guidance from specialized New Jersey Wrongful termination lawyer if there was a feeling your rights were abused. The reality is most employees are always afraid to take up cases against their employers even when it is apparent that they are on the right. An employment contract might be binding with most companies using it to their advantage, but the law always remains supreme. Employee workplace rights are highly valued, and there are unbreakable acts under which every employer must operate.

If you are wondering instances which count as wrongful termination, these are the most commonly reported cases;

  1. Violation of terms in your contract

It is becoming a common trend for employees to sign an employment contract which provides a mutually agreeable foundation upon which they shall co-exist. In the event that the terms in the contract are clearly violated your termination counts as illegal and you need the services of an attorney. In the event you are unsure about certain clauses, the employment attorney will make it clear from the onset whether you have a valid claim or not.

  1. Violation of public policy

These are the instances when the termination arises from an employee engaging in legally protected public policy acts. These acts include among others aiding legal authorities when investigating the company, taking measures to seek unpaid wages or salaries, participating in whistle-blowing, and exercising other rights such as voting.

  1. Discrimination

There are many forms of discrimination which can arise from one’s race, country of origin, sex, age, physical disability, and pregnancy among other factors. Any kind of termination which can be traced to unfair treatment because of a person’s status or orientation counts as illegal and deserves to be legally addressed.